Metal and Stone: Blood and Scales – Kevin Potter

*I received a free ARC of this novella.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


Blurb:  Dragons. They exist, and have risen to take back the world.

Disaster looms near. Brothers forever at odds. And the adventure that brings them together…

After centuries in isolation, Dauria and her budding family re-enter the deadly world of the New Dragon War to right the wrongs they are partially responsible for.

But when the family is separated, will they even survive to make the attempt?


In this third installment of the Metal and Stone novellas the focus shifts from the original protagonists Dauria and Graayyy, to follow the next generation of their dragon family as the species divide intensifies.

Readers familiar with Kevin Potter’s Overlord novellas will find a familiar face amongst Dauria’s family, and there is a certain smug thrill in the recognition, although the extremely handy timeline clarifies that the Overlord events come after the events of this plot.

Potter takes his dragons to a darker level in this story than we have seen previously, and there is some quite graphic torture, ameliorated to some extent by the context and eventual outcome.

I found the delve into both dragon magic, and the sadistic depravity that begins the shift towards war and ‘The Calamity’ fascinating and am starting to see the bigger picture fall into place around these individual pieces of the story.

Each of these novellas can be read as self-contained, but putting them together gives you an epic history of dragonkind from the draconic perspective.

Recommended for all dragon lovers, obviously!


   Without quite knowing how he’d done it, Gravv’s breath passed into his Golar, the incredible organ which made elemental dragon breath possible, and flames erupted from his throat.  The pressure of the flames forced his jaws open and liquid fire flooded from his open maw to engulf his brother.
Rather than the mocking laughter he’d been expecting, Bal’s eyes darkened with anger and he launched himself at Gravv.
Smow-white claws tore at Gravv’s scales and glistening teeth snapped at his snout, bringing the scent of fetid, fish-tinged breath to his nostrils.

– Kevin Potter, Blood and Scales


Kevin Potter’s website link is here.  Or you can contact him on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find my review of The Fall of an Overlord and Rise of the Overlord here and here, and my review of Metal and Stone book 1, The Awakening here and book 2 here if you need more to quench your dragon-thirst!

Metal and Stone:  Blood and Scales releases on Amazon on 26th May!




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