Metal and Stone: Fire and Ice – Kevin Potter

*I received a free ARC of this novella.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*


511gsmulAnLBlurb:  In a future Earth where dragons rule and humanity is all-but destroyed…

A Prophecy. A Conflicted Dragon. And an impossible quest…

The Great Dragon War has ended, but tensions among dragons are higher than ever.

Dauria, now older and wiser, joins her long-time companion Graayyya in a quest she doesn’t believe in to the frozen reaches of Antarctica in search of a hidden power that could change everything.


Dauria and Graayyya are back, and this time they are on an epic journey to try to find a path to peace for dragonkind.  The personalities of these two characters, and their relationship, really evolves and develops during the course of this novella and it was nice to see a lighter side to them amongst the heavy clouds of war that surround them.

As is traditional in the middle books of epic fantasy series, we have the obligatory ‘mission-trek’ here, but the pacing of the plot is good and the actual discovery sequence is both exciting and intriguing:  lots of action and also plenty of questions raised.

Without giving out any spoilers, I think the author has struck the right balance here between light and dark, despair and hope, to draw the reader into the ongoing war whilst holding forth the potential for further magical / religious miracles to tip the balance.

The history of the dragons in Potter’s world is fascinating of itself, as they start this series as intellectual peacekeepers and are now heading down a more bestial, savage path.  I will be interested to see where he takes them next!


In ages long past, humans and dragons coexisted and cooperated.  Over the years, however, the Humans grew discontent with the arrangement and sought to usurp the position of the wise mentor.
Wars followed, terrible wars.

– Kevin Potter, Fire and Ice


Kevin Potter’s website link is here.  Or you can contact him on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find my review of The Fall of an Overlord and Rise of the Overlord here and here, and my review of Metal and Stone book 1, The Awakening here  if you need more to quench your dragon-thirst!

Metal and Stone:  Fire and Ice releases on Amazon on 28th April!




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