Metal and Stone: The Awakening – Kevin Potter

the-awakening-252Blurb:  Dragons. They exist, but have been in a state of hibernation for millennia. Will mankind survive their violent awakening?

When dragons return to Earth from their millennia-long slumber, one of them could be the only hope for peace.

Dauria was a young, idealistic dragon when she helped establish the pact to force all dragons to withdraw from the world of man.

The Watchers, led by Sura, say humanity has had its chance and it’s time to take the Earth back from them. Even if they destroy it in the process.

When Dauria awakens in a world she doesn’t recognize, isolated and alone, will she find the strength to save her people from a potentially disastrous war against modern humans?


Kevin Potter’s books differ from standard dragon-fantasy books, in that the dragons are the main characters, and the focus is on them, their goals, their interactions, rather than their effect on us humans.

Yes, humans are mentioned, but in the same way that we might bemoan other the extinction of other animal species, or the destruction of their habitats:  to be deplored and avoided if possible, but not to outweigh the ultimate survival and wellbeing of our own species.  Thus Potter’s dragons follow their own paths, facing wars and hidden plots; all told as if the author is secretly only masquerading as a human himself to recount their history and pass on a stern warning!

The Awakening is a short novella which sets the scene and characters for the wider Metal and Stone story arc (this is the first of the four novellas that make up the full Metal and Stone book), but it can also be read separately, as it tells as stand-alone smaller story of Dauria’s sleep, awakening (obviously) and discovery of how the world has changed in the absence of dragonkind.

The story is well-paced and exciting; I especially enjoyed the details about the nature of the dragon’s abilities and magic.  I also like that Dauria’s reactions to Kaito are natural, rather than forced by the plot, and was particularly intrigued by the possibilities of shapeshifting / disguise inherent in the plot set-up here.

Obviously ideal for dragon-lovers, and for fans of long-spanning epic fantasy.  Watch here for reviews of the rest of this series as they release!


After all these centuries, why now?  For eons, the most destructive thing we could do was rejoin the world.  It seems that may have changed.  What if the humans have become more destructive than a war between us would be?

– Kevin Potter, The Awakening


Kevin Potter’s website link is here.  Or you can contact him on Facebook or Twitter.

You can find my review of The Fall of an Overlord and Rise of the Overlord here and here, if you need more to quench your dragon-thirst!

Metal and Stone:  The Awakening is already out on Amazon!





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