Something from the Nightside – Simon R. Green

Blurb: Private eye John Taylor swore he’d never return to the Nightside, the hellish netherworld under London. But now a young girl is missing . . .

John Taylor is a private detective with a difference. He’s a child of the Nightside, with a supernatural ability – he can find things that are lost.

But it’s been a long time since Taylor left that hidden netherworld where fantasy and reality co-exist and it is always 3am.

He has no intention of ever returning . . . until a distraught mother arrives at his office with a tragic tale and a bag full of cash. Joanne Barrett wants her daughter back, and she’ll pay a small fortune to make it happen.

Of course, Taylor knows exactly where the girl is. The Nightside is calling him . . .


I really, really liked this book.

I am a big fan of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files and can definitely see similarities in terms of the mash-up of hard-boiled detective noir with urban fantasy. However the distinctive light, snarky and mostly hopeful style of Butcher’s series is replaced here with a much darker tone… dipping into deeply disturbing psychological horror in places.

The eccentric cast of characters are promising in what is a first book of a series, as there is so much potential in their histories and possible future stories, and the overarching mystery of John Taylor’s family is an intriguing hook.

I did note a lot of repetition, especially the titular phrase which cropped up almost every sentence.  There were also quite large chunks of dialogic description focused solely on the eccentricity and unique horror of ‘The Nightside’.  To some readers this would quickly become tedious, but I felt it was in character for Taylor to be obsessive on this subject and my own fascination with the subject kept me reading, partly in the hope of witnessing some of his warnings first-hand!

This definitely seems like a promising series-starter to me, and I have already purchased book 2 to see whether John Taylor and The Nightside settle down and live up to their much-hyped reputations.


Private eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and none of them look like television stars. Some do insurance work, some hang around cheap hotels with camcorders hoping to get evidence for divorce cases, and damn few ever get to investigate complicated murder mysteries. Some chase things that don’t exist, or shouldn’t. Me, I find things. Sometimes, I’d rather not find them, but that comes with the territory.

– Simon R. Green, Something from the Nightside

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