Legends of the War – Stephen Allan

*I received a free ARC of this book.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb:  In the final battle to save the world, legends will rise, or humanity will die.

1015081421Two of the legendary dragons have fallen. The most legendary, the most ferocious, the deadliest of them all, Bahamut, awaits whoever dares to attack it to the far north. From the deep south comes such a challenger, complete with a horde of monsters of mythology from the past.

In this time, chaos reigns across the land. Towns burn. An empire crumbles. People die.

But an opportunity awaits those who would step up and fight for salvation and peace. It grants them not just a chance to save the world, to vanquish their enemies, and to give rise to a more stable society.

It provides them a chance to become legends of the war.


This, the third installment in the War of the Magi series, is the most action-packed yet. The stakes are the highest possible, the plot twists and turns, and the characters finally come into their potential.

Despite the higher death and damage count in this book, I felt the overall tone was more positive than Demons of the Hunter (Book 2).  The determination of the characters filtered through to me as a reader and gave me hope, even when the odds seemed even more insurmountable than before.

The religious parallels are more overt here too.  The battle is no longer solely with legendary dragons, or power-hungry Empires.  This is now Good vs. Evil (with Capital Letters), and the Christian references to creation, heaven and hell, ‘Chrystos’, infuse the morality and plot throughout.  However the characters remain consistent, in their struggles, motivations and personalities, to the previous books rather than being parablistic ciphers.

I particularly enjoyed reading the chapters from the ‘villain’ points of view.  It is endlessly fascinating to me, the empathy that can arise from simply understanding someone’s motivation, and how I can suddenly feel sorry for characters that I previously loathed pantomime-baddie style (Emperor Rufus…I’m looking at you!).

Finally, the ending was satisfying in its closure:  the journey of our heroes complete, but no neat happy-ever-after for every character, and the promise of further adventures in Hydor to come, with Iblis and the crystals down but not out.

Fans of epic fantasy: dragons, magic and battles of good against evil… this trilogy is for you!


“. . . Good isn’t a side in war.  Good isn’t something man can achieve, at least not in a permanent state.  Good is the singular chance to make the world a better place, and acting upon that chance. . .”

– Zelda in Legends of the War, Stephan Allan


You can find Stephen Allan’s books and blog at his website here, or follow him on Facebook.

For my reviews of Book in this series, Shadows of the Empire, check here, and for Book 2, Demons of the Hunter, head here.

All three War of the Magi books are now available on Amazon.




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