To Prevent Chic Costumes – Emily Martha Sorensen

*I received a free ARC of this book.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.”



Blurb:  Chronos doesn’t want to be a villain. She also doesn’t want a houseguest. Unfortunately for her, Kendra is insisting on both, and the former magical girl will not listen to reason.

In desperation, Chronos goes to the one person she trusts least for help:

Her sister, Rhea.

Rhea, who is a fashion designer for villains. Rhea, whose favorite hobby is corrupting magical girls.


Another short installment, comic-book style, in this t(w)een girl-power series where the heroes are all girls, and so are the villains.

The main focus of the story here is still scene-setting, with more of Chronos’ family history introduced and the firm establishment of her inability to shake off the increasingly annoying Kendra.

I feel there is a great plot brewing here that we haven’t quite reached at this point, by book 2, and I think that it is due to the way these novelettes are structured; they don’t really stand alone and need to be read almost as individual chapters that just happen to have their own covers.  This effectively means that the pacing will flow more smoothly once the series is complete and ready to binge read!

There are some fascinating ideas here about girl- and womanhood, female power and relationships, and the very concepts of what makes us ‘good’ or ‘evil’, and the character of Chronos is very relatable.  I just feel that a little more action, or more focus on the overarching plot might help to drive the story along in these early installments.

“I have no interest in being part of a team!” Chronos exclaimed.
Kendra shrugged.  “Neither did I, originally.  It grew on me.  Teams can accomplish far more than one individual alone, and we both have goals we need the other to accomplish.”
“I have no goals at all,” Chronos snarled.
“Yes, you do,” Kendra said calmly.  “You want to stop having nightmares about bad things.  I eavesdropped on you while you were sleeping the first night.  You talk a lot in your sleep.”
Chronos gritted her teeth.
“Meanwhile, I want to save the world,” Kendra said reasonably.

– Emily Martha Sorensen, To Prevent Chic Costumes

For more from Emily Martha Sorensen and the magical girls, you can find her websites here or here, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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