To Prevent World Peace – Emily Martha Sorensen


Blurb:  The villains are dead. The world is at peace. And now the magical girls want to conquer it.

Chronos has the power to see the future, and that’s the future Chronos foresees. All she wants is to get a good night’s sleep, so she decides to have a simple conversation with the fated ringleader in hopes that it will set that horrible future straight.

But Kendra is not an easy person to convince. Kendra wants to save the world. And if she has to cram that down the world’s throat, well, so be it.



To Prevent World Peace is the first in the Magical Mayhem series of books, aimed at a pre-teen audience, and very much has the feel of a warm-up to set the stage for the main action.

The tone and pace reminded me very much of anime or comic book style, which made sense once I dug a little deeper online and found that there IS in fact a series of ‘magical girl’ web comics by this author (including this story).



I really like the idea of seeing things from the villain’s perspective, and that Kendra may be labelled a villain but actually have heroic motivation, whereas some of those labelled heroes may actually be corrupt.

I wasn’t exactly sure just from reading this installment what the differences are between the born mages and magical girls, and how both magic systems work (the talk of power ups and poses made me think of computer games like Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat).  I’m not sure if that is because this is a world that has already been established and I am new to the set up, but with this being the first book in the Magical Mayhem series I would have expected more of an introduction to the world before the plot took over.

Having said that, the plot and characters were interesting and I was left intrigued to know more about Chronos, the possible futures she sees, and how Kendra and her ex-teammates fit into that.  Plus the pending conflict between born mages, magical girls and ‘ordinary people’ has great potential.

All-in-all this was a nice quick read for teens and fans of anime-style cartoons/comics.


For more from Emily Martha Sorensen and the magical girls, you can find her websites here or here, or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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