Shadow Descendant – L. D. Goffigan

*I received a free ARC of this book.  The decision to review and my opinions are my own.*

Blurb:  A powerful witch, a centuries-old vampire, and a passion that can’t be denied…

Naomi Feldman has never understood the strange energy that hums beneath her senses. But when she comes across an ancient artifact that seems to beckon to her, she may finally find the answers she’s been seeking.

Alaric, a centuries-old vampire, lives a solitary life by choice. When he’s assigned to protect Naomi, long dormant emotions stir to life.

Pursued by a dangerous enemy and battling their growing attraction, Naomi and Alaric follow the mystery of the artifact from the museums of Athens, the streets of London, towards a confrontation that will decide the fate of two worlds…


This is an engaging and easy-to-read paranormal romance that strikes a nice balance between the developing romance(s) and an action-filled, magic-packed plot.

There are a number of familiar elements mixed in, from the vampire/human (ish) romantic, but dangerous, relationship, to the parents dying to protect the life of their magical offspring, who grows up thinking that she is ordinary.  However, Naomi and Alaric feel authentic, as does the development of their character arcs and relationship, and the plot about the mysterious stone tablet that speaks to Naomi’s unique bloodline is interesting and exciting.

L. D. Goffigan has thrown in some of her own twists to vampire mythology, such as blood bonds ‘mating’ a couple like a more visceral marriage ceremony.  The ‘rules’ of magic use and mythology here are clearly explained and consistently applied, allowing the reader to suspend their disbelief in the paranormal elements.

I was pleased to note small details like Naomi actually knowing and caring about her job, and applying herself to it whilst there despite mysterious tablets and attractive strangers, then mentally sighed slightly when she dropped everything and casually tossed said job in order to run away with the hunk and save the world!  Her life was in danger though, so I will give her a pass.  Especially as she stands up for herself repeatedly and chooses her own path, and Alaric respects her independence (somewhat reluctantly!) and is supportive of her friendships and decisions.

Definitely one for fans of sweet romance and magic adventure.  There is some romantic sex (think of the camera artistically panning candlelit elbows and backs to the sound of soft sighs), but no strong language and the violence is not graphic, so I would think this appropriate for both Young Adults and ‘full’ adults who enjoy a well-written, easy read.

Naomi reached down to pick up the tablet with her gloved hand, and the faint whispers in her mind increased.  She tried to focus on the odd inscriptions carved into the rough surface of the clay, to turn on her professional curator’s eye, but the whispers were deafening.  She abruptly set it back down.

– L. D. Goffigan, Shadow Descendant

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