Minishine Reviews #3

Welcome to the latest Minishine roundup.  The more observant of you will notice that we are still not managing to choose A favourite book to review, but have in fact now gone from 3 to 4 (on the flimsy excuse that two are closely related!).

Onwards and bookwards…

2017-05-07 09.21.42

Imagine by Ruth Brown

A book of opposites told more through pictures than words.

Minishine’s Review:  I like the rainbows and the sheep and stuff.  It’s pretty.  I like just looking at the pictures.

Bookshine’s Review:  The pictures in this book are outstanding; more like individual paintings than children’s book illustrations and there is plenty for children to spot and discuss in them.  The opposites are presented simply but subtly so neither of us were aware we were reading a ‘learning’ book.

Ten Little Dinosaurs / Ten Little Princesses by Mike Brownlow (illustrated by Simon Rickerty)

Two of a series of (fairly obviously) counting books.

Minishine’s Review:  It’s funny when they’re dodging the poo! *note – refers solely to the dinosaur book*  I like it when everybody is happy at the ending.

Bookshine Review:  Although Babybows often pinches the dinosaur one from the bookcase when he fancies a bit of a roar, both of these books were chosen by and belong to his sister.  These are more ‘learning’ books that feel like entertainment rather than education (which is how it should be).  Both obviously involve counting, but they also involve spotting various dangers, identifying familiar fairytales/dinosaur breeds, making some noise.  Good all-family reading for when you’re happy to let the kids join in/take over.

Time for Bed, Fred! by Yasmeen Ismail

Fred the dog tries all sorts to avoid bedtime.

Minishine’s Review:  He doesn’t want to go to bed and he makes a mess and hides and goes in other people’s beds.  He’s really really silly.  I love Fred!

Bookshine’s review:  We bought this one when Minishine was about 18 months old and still allergic to bedtime as we thought it might help her settle.  It didn’t, but she still does laugh uproariously at it 2.5 years later, so it’s up there with our faves.  Fred is a fairly accurate example of how bedtime goes in our house, and the reader takes the part of Fred’s owner in telling him what to do:  ‘It’s time for bed Fred!’, ‘That’s not your bed Fred!’ etc.  Minishine loves this as, yet again (remember the Pigeon?) she gets to bellow orders at someone.  She’s not bossy; she has natural leadership skills!

“Books are like stories someone can read to you.  Or you can read them yourself.  I can’t read yet.”

– Er, yes…wise words from Minishine (4 yrs)

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