The Fall of an Overlord – Kevin Potter

*I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.*


Blurb:  A city-sized garnet dragon Overlord, a crippled azurite wyrm leading an insurrection, and a sleek shadow dragon determined to protect her kin. Does anyone win when catastrophic forces collide?

After the horrors of the Great Dragon War, the Earth is ruled by the immense dragon Overlords.

Khellandrian, a fiercely proud azurite dragon crippled in his youth, leads an insurrection violating the most sacred laws of dragonkind.

Melliaunserah, a sleek beauty of smoke and shadow, is desperate to keep her clan safe from the tyranny of the Overlords. From their first meeting, she feels an inexplicable connection to Khell that only grows as time passes.

Caught in a desperate race against time, the unlikely pair struggles to unite unlikely allies and battle unlikelier enemies in their quest to destroy the Overlord.

Will they succeed and overcome the sadistic Overlord, or were they doomed to failure before they began?

Firstly, I read the free Prologue to this novella (itself a Prologue!) available from the author via Twitter/Facebook, and based on just the prologue alone I probably wouldn’t have read more, as it was quite a slow-starter with the action held back right until the very end.  Which would have been a shame, as the actual book that follows was a very enjoyable read for any fan of dragon-based fantasy fiction.  Luckily the free sample included a few chapters of the published novella too, which was enough to hook me in, and the published book dives straight into chapter 1.

I love the concept of the different dragon breeds (gems, metallics, shadow, etc) and was fascinated to find out more about what distinguishes them, and I really like that this novel is set in a futuristic dragon-Earth, rather than the more traditional medieval historical setting.

The societal structure:  the obscenely huge ruling Overlords, smaller subject dragons, ‘unauthorised’ hatchlings and so on was also intriguing and I look forward to finding out more about how the world works in future installments of this series.

The story itself was action-packed with some surprising twists along the way, and I had to read in one sitting because I needed to know what was going to happen next.

Which leads me to one of my only two criticisms:  I wanted more!  At 187 pages the book was a great appetite-whetter but I wanted more background, more detail, more from the characters.  I wanted the plot to be more drawn out and the action to last even longer.  I just felt I wasn’t ready for the story to end when and where it did, and the sneak peek at the next novel only enhanced that feeling.  It’s a good job that there is more on it’s way!

My only other quibble was minor:  I kept giggling at the terrifying Overlord’s name.  I won’t give it away here, but it did remind me of a Wiganer (my home town, UK) at the chippie bellowing for a particular sauce to go with his pie’n’chips!

Overall this was a great short read and I am looking forward to the release of Part 2:  Rise of the Overlord, coming later this year.

‘As always, Khell lost himself in the glory of his flight.  He was overwhelmed by pure joy of a scale alien to other dragons.  Pleasant emotions such as love and happiness were uncommon enough among the survivors of his savage world, but pure joy of an intensity capable of drowning the senses and dominating thought was entirely unheard of.  He would never speak of it.  No other dragon would understand.’

– Kevin Potter, The Fall of an Overlord

Kevin Potter’s website link is here:

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and Twitter:  @KPotterBooks

Also, make sure to check out his Magic Through the Ages event on Facebook here for a whole load of fantasy book freebies and offers to celebrate the launch of The Fall of an Overlord.

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