Mini-shine Reviews

I had the idea that I might add the occasional children’s book review in here; ones that I as a parent actually enjoy, and my children quite like too.

Then I thought, my life is WAY too easy, so I went ahead and invited my 4 year old to review her own books for your, erm, enjoyment.

What could possibly go wrong?!

I asked her to start by picking her current favourite book, and with genetically-predisposed enthusiasm she returned with three…

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Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, by Mo Willems

Why did you pick this book?

Because I like it.

Good start!  Ok, let’s not do questions and answers, let’s just get her opinion via a chat instead.

Minishine’s Review:  It makes me happy.  I like shouting No! to the pigeon when he’s asking all the questions.  Mummy, can you read it NOW???

Bookshine’s Review:  This is actually a great read for me too.  The concept is the reader is left in charge of a bus and instructed not to let ‘the Pigeon’ drive it.  The ambitious bird then approaches and tries every method available to persuade you to give in to his demand.  It perfectly captures life with a small child and it’s a novelty for the parent to be on the wheedling side and the child have all the power of veto!  I whip this one out whenever she’s belligerent so she can howl NO! at me with an inoffensive excuse.

Pants, by Giles Andreae (illustrated by Nick Sharratt)

More Pants, by Giles Andreae (illustrated by Nick Sherratt)

A familiar team to most parents I suspect!  I’ve lumped these two together because there is very little to choose between them; the ‘sequel’ is as good as the original even though technically it’s just more of the same thing.  We can never get enough Pants in this house!

Minishine’s Review:  *mostly consisted of a long list of her favourite pants from the book*  They are soooo funny!  I like all the bright colours!  And the daisy pants, and the scary pants… *went on for ages again*  And I like when you do the funny voices and actions.

Bookshine’s Review:  I agree with the small on this one *repeats long list of favourite pants* [spoilers removed].  These books are just fabulous:  rollicking rhymes, vibrant pictures and laugh-out-loud general silliness.  Plus they are easy for children to learn by heart from the rhythm and pictures, so these were the very first books that Minishine could read along with me / to herself.  Thus starting her on the path to…freeing me up for more reading time for myself!

Read more books!  All of them!  – Minishine


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